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Interested in starting a chapter of Wings Initiative at your school? Below are some first steps.

The Wings Process:

Wings Process.png

How to Start :

Step 1: Contact Us

If you are interested in starting a chapter of Wings in your community or school, DM us through our main branch's Instagram (Click the button), email us at, or scroll down and fill out the "Contact Us" form. After that, continue following the steps below. 

Step 2: Create the Instagram 

Now you need a way to reach your community. Making an instagram account for your new branch is a way for people to know your Wings Initiative branch exists and is ready to receive any donations. More importantly, it motivates others join in - creating a more tight knit community than ever before. Model your bio after ours (example picture down in step 5).

Contact: with any questions about setting up your account.


Step 3: Find the First Donation

After creating your instagram account, the next step is to reach out to friends, family, or anyone who would be interested in making a donation. The donation doesn't have to be big. Make sure to take a picture with the donor and their donation for the instagram account. After doing so, contact us for give further instructions on what to do with your donation. 

Mobile Phone

Step 4: Go Public

Congratulations on receiving your first donation! The next step is to make some initial instagram posts in preparation of launch. Your first post should be a message to your local community, that makes them aware of your mission and goals. Also make sure to post about your first donation. This will help expand your reach in the local community, and make it easier to receive donations. You should post on your account after every donation.

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 8.17.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 8.21_edited.jpg

Step 5: Expand Your Community

Now it's time to make yourself known! You already have two posts that display exactly who and what you are, so now go ahead and follow everyone from your community. Make an effort to expand your reach as much as you can. Let the cycle begin! 

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 8.27.01 PM.png

Step 6: Dropoff

So you've collected a bunch of clothing/books and people have even started reaching out to you. Now it's time to go and donate your clothing/books to wherever they are most needed in your community. For clothing we recommend donating to non-profit thrift stores or local drop-off bins. For books we suggest donating to libraries. Good luck and reach out to us with any questions!

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