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Check out some of our recent features!

WBZ News Radio-

WBZ News Radio interviews Tanya Banerjee and Avelinn Loughran regarding the Chelmsford Wings initative. Avelinn and Tanya note how the Wings Iniative's effectiveness comes from its youth participants and how Wings also helps the environment.

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Lowell Sun Article-

The Lowell Sun places a spotlight on the Chelmsford Wings Initiative branch. Chelmsford’s club leader, senior Avelinn Loughran, comments how the club has reached over 600 donations with a goal of 1000 by the end of the year. Loughran also hopes to expand beyond clothing and into toiletries over the holidays. 

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The Orbit Article- 11/20/22

Students who participate in the Wings Initiative in Reading Memorial Highschool discuss the impact the organization has had on their student community and beyond. RMHS has been an incredibly successful branch of the imitative, with over 5000 clothes donated in 7 months.

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K10 Denison Wings Feature - 9/15/22

DTX Wings Initiative and Emma McLemore partnered with Middle Ground for a suicide prevention walk on which Emma is featured by K10 TV's coverage. Go to the article to read about what Wings Initiative is doing down in Denison Texas and watch the fabulous video feature at the 1:00 mark.

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Daily Chronicle Article - 9/1/22

This article is a spotlight on our founder Charlie Benjamin, but goes far in explaining both our origins and our progress. The last couple lines of this article are spoken straight from the heart, so make sure to open the article from the button below and read through both pages. Also, we managed to almost double in size in the month following this article!


Reading TV Feature 6/10/22

This video marks the beginning of the success story that is Reading Wings Initiative. Skip to 0:53 to see our feature. A special shoutout to Leo Gosdanian, Sachin Patel, Thomas Gallegos, and Nick Mazz for working so hard to make this world a better place.

PA Sustainability Magazine (Student-led) 

This article was featured in a Phillips Academy sustainability magazine written by Alicia Chu. Descriptive and succinct, our cameo summarizes the process and inspiration that defines Wings Initiative in the context of its humble beginnings at Phillips Academy. Despite not being published online, you can still see the article by clicking on the button below. Happy reading!

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Andover Townsman Article - 5/12/22

This article was written when Wings Initiative was just starting to take off. Read through for words from our founder Charlie Benjamin on the creation of Wings Initiative, as well as a snapshot of when we only had 4 schools and less than 4000 total items collected.

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Our First Article 3/31/22

This article marks our first instance of publicity - a trend that is sure to continue if we keep expanding. Read through for a real throwback, and some words from Charlie Benjamin describing the sentiments that pervaded our earlier days as an organization.

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