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Who We Are

Below are the leaders and crucial team members that make this all possible. These people have shown us that with a kind heart and a clever mind, greatness is achievable.

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Our Leaders

Our Teams

Phillips Academy

Charlie Benjamin         Theo Benjamin

Anabelle Biggs             Peter Massicotte

Avery Davis                   Arun Kapoor

Raymond Ge                Chetan Desai

Lena Ciganer-Albeniz   


North Reading

Peter Massicotte         Justin

Nate Miller


Sachin Patel                   Leo Gosdanian 

Thomas Gallegos          Nick Mazzarella


Nguyen Ngoc Minh Phuong

Huynh Vu Le Khanh

Hoang Nhat Le Duy


Avelinn Loughran             Nora Young

Catherine Latham            Tanya Banerjee

Sakshi Mantripragada

Indian Springs

Coco You.             Amber S

Rosa Sabel            Lily Naylor

Cynthia Li              Brian He


Donalda Brantley      Mercedes Davis

Cherish Harmon        Shany Heron

Dylan Gonzales

Tan Hiep

Nguyen Thi Nhu Y

Pham Ngoc Tran

Tran Hoai Ngoc

Dang Thi Nhu Quynh


Julian Chou

Colin Chou

Denison Texas

Emma McLemore

King Abdullah

Tala Shihadeh      Ihsan Atallah

JFK Maryland

Karis Arukwe


Noury Mbage

Nirel Arukwe

Jackson Hole

Whitney Wilcox

Emilie Wasserman

Lauren Guh-Siesel

Coming Soon...

This could be you!

Friends Academy

Avery Davis

Brinley Davis

Coming Soon...

This could be you!

St. Vincent (BCH)

Kevin Chen

Coming Soon...

This could be you!

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