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Wings Initiative is a student sustainability organization centered around a unique process of turning clothing/book drives into high school social media movements—acting as an intermediary between families and charity projects. Through such efforts, Wings Initiative aims to fight fast fashion, ingrain sustainability practices into high school culture, and help support those in need. To learn more about the process or to get involved, click on the "Get Involved" button below.


Items Collected







Our Origin Story

The Wings Initiative process was developed by Charlie Benjamin at Phillips Academy Andover in 2021 as a way to tap into the pervasive sentiment that donating old clothes is simply too inconvenient. Since then, we have replicated our process at 10 schools across the world and widened our collection criteria. 


Our Reach and Impact

Wings Initiative has locations across the US and Vietnam and aims to continue expanding and replicating our process at as many schools as possible. Our statistics are constantly updated and displayed here on our webpage. To check out a list of our current locations please click on the button below.



If you would like to start a branch in your community click the "Start a Branch" button. If you have clothes to donate, find the nearest location to you through the "Find Location" button and contact them through their Instagram. 


350X your impact by financially supporting Wings! With a new branch inception cost of around $50 (calculated from running ads) and an average of 1162 items collected by that new branch in their first few weeks, by donating $50 to Wings Initiative, you are 350Xing your impact (assuming the average clothing item is worth around $15).

Get to Know Us

Check out all the important names and faces - from our founders to our biggest contributers here on this page

Some of our Biggest Contributers Recently


Theo Benjamin

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Rohan Kapoor

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Avelinn L

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Chris Wong

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